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Cleantech Corporate Advisory and Financial Services 


Specialist consultants for the AustralAsian Cleantech Industry
Clean Technology AustralAsia (Cleantech AustralAsia) was established in 2004 to play a catalytic role in building the Cleantech industry in Australia, to connect investors with cleantech opportunities and to accelerate the investment in and deployment of Clean Technologies in the Asia Pacific. We achieve business success for our client companies, investors and projects that deliver clean technology solutions for sustainable development.
Cleantech AustralAsia co founder Jeffrey Castellas has had a long standing involvement with the environment, business, finance and investment sectors. He introduced the cleantech industry into Australia and has played a key role in Australia and internationally in the evolution of the cleantech industry and sustainable business practices, government and corporate environment and sustanability policies and commercialisation of clean technology products.
Jeffrey Castellas is an internationally recognised finance and sustainability expert. He works directly with other consultants on projects and corporate advisory mandates. He is an associate of Greenard Willing a financial services firm providing listed and unlisted companies with strategic and corporate advisory and capital raising services. All of Jeff's work is conducted in accordance with the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) under Australian Financial Services Licence 403562. See www.greenardwilling.com
Clean Technology AustralAsia and it's associates have experience in a wide range of sectors, with a current focus of specialist knowledge and in the following areas:
- Energy and Electricty Generation
- Mining, Forestry and Agriculture
- Sustainability Performance Measurement and Reporting
- Strategic Planning and Economic Development
- Commercialisation and Deployment of Clean Technology Products
Greenard Willing can assist clients in a range of markets including Australia, Asia, North America and Africa and we particularly have strong ties to institutional investors in Asia and North America.
Corporate Advisory Services
Cleantech AustralAsia with the Greenard Willing offers clients corporate advisory services designed to assist clients to manage and grow their corporate environmental operations and business.
We assist in these goals through providing advisory services in the areas of Strategic Planning, Project Development and Partner Identification and Capital Raising. Based on an understanding of our clients from Company Assessment work, we apply our skills and knowledge to gain an understanding of their needs and the tasks that add value in achieving their goals and objectives.
We have effectively provided specialist advice to governments at all levels particularly on the strategic planning and economic developemnt to accelerate business growth, attract investment and creating new jobs. We have prepared and implemented cleantech and business growth strategies for State and Federal governments. We have work with our clients to establish regional clusters engaging with all stakeholders to achieve measurable and desired results, including financing and partnership development for implementation of major green projects and facilitating the uptake of clean technologies that generate economic and environemental value. 



Contact Jeffrey Castellas  directly  if you are seeking specialist consulting services jeff@cleantechnology.com.au 
Mobile 0401067252







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